August compilation 2011 this [2011-08-04]

This summers trip to Berlin made me realize just how much I love dance music and techno. That town really lives and breathes electronica. You hear minimal techno in the hotel lobby, the breakfast room is filled with quiet lounge tunes and I've even heard public street toilets play Tech house. The open air clubs in Berlin are quite unique, maybe even more than the famous techno clubs. There is still a healthy underground scene with unofficial music scenes and clubs in cellars and squats. With the gentrification (here, here and here) in full effect, this is maybe not a sure thing in the future. The whole debate about gentrification in Berlin is interesting but also quite tough, especially on us manager/developer/yuppie scum.

Note that some videos are fan uploads and versions. There are some pretty nice videos here imo. Drake is doing fine. Recloose is a future classic. The Presets' video and live mix really works for me - so hard and good audience response.

My normal cd ripper (Max) is out, because of the Lion upgrade. I now have to convert to FLAC and then to mp3 by hand. Suggestions for a new solution?
Cover shot: Pancake breakfast at Chipps in Berlin. 8/10 points.


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