October compilation 2011 this [2011-10-02]

That insanely boring spinning bike is to blame for most of the uptempo nonsense on my comps. I've also been listening a lot to Radio1 at work and I guess it shows. The compilation is definitely UK sounding and sort of in a commercial style. Maybe it will not last forever but I'm very happy with it. There are a couple of exceptional videos to go with the songs imo, be sure to check them out.

DJ Fresh - the best singers, the best of videos.
Chris Brown - It's hard not to like this mix with the MJ sample.
Katy Perry - autumn air, fresh music, drinks and good company, glitter and hickies, who doesn't like a friday night?
London elektricity - kind of a surprise that Elsa Esmeralda was Swedish?
Katy B - I'm so impressed.
Nero - my god... now and them a track comes and just blows your mind. Be sure not to miss the tempo change at 2:15.

I work professionally with usability and open innovation, trying to make this 'user created content' an inclusive part of life. Still, I'm always impressed when someone makes this thing work for them. A humbling experience.

Cover shot: chocolate mud square. 5/10 points.


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