December compilation 2011 this [2012-01-01]

Running late, a couple of strong tracks made the last comp of the year. Ben Westbeech and Mary J. Blige are the ones to look out for here. The first two tracks are fanstastic imo, a bit darker and not so upbeat. Love the vibe, and voices too. You can hear Rasmus Faber wrote Butterflies I think - very much his style. Georg Levin's playing the bass on some tracks?
My many trips to Berlin this year is the explanation for the electronica on the rest of the comp. Some minimal things of course but also some tiny dubstep and balearic influences. I will try to cut down on this style next year as it makes little sense to include music that, more or less, only works in club settings.

As always, I'm working on a "best of" post - should be ready next weekend. Meanwhile, check out Ben Westbeech live. I like the crowd response and especially that the photographer jumps with the rest of the audience in the verse. Fun.

Cover shot: cinnamon bun at Äppelviken. 8/10 points.


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