February compilation 2013 this [2013-02-03]

I'm very pleased with this month's comps. So much nice to choose from, both soft and hard style, it had to be a double! I had a hard time selecting tracks. On the first comp - Positive flow, what an album; Sweden's own Neneh released quite a strange album last year, with little more than song and sax; I know nothing about Uraz Kurt, but what a track; the re:jazz thing keeps on rolling, the album is semi-ok but we can expect more from the remixes, such as this one; if you at all are into the broken beats scene, you must buy Tatham, Mensah, Lord, Ranks' new album, maybe the best album of 2012. On the harder side - Ian Pooley's new album is heavy on rotation; we all want see more Bara bröst; thanks Matt Mellow for the heads up on Kyodai, what a killer track!


Cover shot: Big stuff smoked BBQ at Markthalle Neun, Berlin. 10/10 points.


Cover shot: Byron, London. 10/10 points.

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