February compilation 2014 this [2014-02-02]

This is a benchmark. Swedish electronica vs. Germany vs. Norway vs. Denmark. You do the (re)search. I normally avoid Swedish music, just because so little of it is in my taste. These songs I like a lot though. Panda da panda is quite a surprise, and I suspect a lot better when you understand Swedish. La fleur sounds a lot like my favourite Âme - is this the Berlin influence? Axel Boman vs Books shade - surprisingly even.

I also have to mention - the Hot natured album "Different sides of the sun" is pretty fantastic! Had I known earlier, it would have made my best of 2013 list. Easy.

I like the idea of crowdsourcing the video and all the amateur dancers - people actually are happy, for real.

  1. Hot natured w/Ali Love Benediction
  2. Erlend Øye Sheltered live (The Youngsters remix)
  3. Tensnake w/Nile Rodgers & Flora Love sublime
  4. Pharrell Williams Happy
  5. Hot natured w/Róisín Murphy Alternate state
  6. Hot natured Different sides
  7. Banks Waiting game
  8. Panda da panda Vår värld
  9. Panda da panda Idi med Isak
  10. La fleur Kattflickan
  11. La fleur Tjuvlyssnerskan
  12. Axel Boman Son of a plumber
  13. Axel Boman New Kraut era
  14. Trentemøller Still on fire
  15. Booka shade Leerna
  16. Booka shade Time's on my side
  17. Four Tet Angel echoes (Logistics remix)

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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