November compilation 2015 this [2015-11-15]

It was impossible to limit the selection so the comp is 100 minutes long. A start with more vocal focus, and a couple of solid tracks imo. Jamie Woon's new album is fine but then again I'm a huge fan since long. Ta-ku's take on American Boy is excellent. Bryson Tiller's album, is this one for the best of 2015 list maybe? I think so. Banks - I have a crush on her so I'm probably not able to judge is this is good or not. Comixxx - Berlin strikes again. I don't quite get what's going on with Bluey - he's producing more music then ever, and the quality is still up there. Puts most artists to shame, with a stream of albums like that. Miriam is a Swedish singer that took part in a reality-tv show where artists do remakes of the other participant's songs - surprisingly this has a bit of the current stwo/weeknd/jmsn/esta sound. Crazy P again shows what quality disco can be - a lot has to do with the remix, of course. London elektricity is back and I especially like they have Pete Simpson on vocals (look up Domu & Pete Simpson's Look a little further from 2007, an album that could/should be a classic soul album). The ending is a bit harder and I would like a soundsystem for proper listening. Tiga, always refreshing. Amnesia brings the drum sound.

  1. The casino royal Sweet disgrace
  2. Jamie Woon Dedication
  3. Pete Josef The travelling song
  4. Ta-ku w/Wafia American girl
  5. Bryson Tiller Don't
  6. Kele First impressions
  7. Banks Better
  8. Comixxx Spread your love
  9. Bluey Hold on
  10. Miriam Bryant Ett sista glas
  11. CHVRCHES Keep you on my side
  12. Ellie Golding On my mind
  13. Grimes World princess, pt. II
  14. Michael Grey The Weekend (radio edit)
  15. Crazy P Something more (Hot Toddy disco redux)
  16. London elektricity w/Pete Simpson Impossible to say
  17. London elektricity w/Emer Dineen Phase us
  18. Jody Wisternoff & Pete Josef Just one more (Martin Roth remix)
  19. Studnitzky Evora (Charles Weber remix)
  20. Tiga Don't break my heart
  21. Special request Amnesia

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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