Best of 2015 this [2016-01-10]

Every year the same thing - as soon as you make your best-of selection, you read someone else's list and realize you have no clue... This selection is mostly based on my monthly compilations, with a few added tracks that deserve to be here. Two Swedish artists on vocals in these songs.
Note: sometimes it's not possible to find the right remix or version for the Spotify playlists. Here's a playlist with all 29 tracks in one.

Best song

Drake or Erykah Badu - the easy choise was Hotline bling. It's never been easier to select the no 1 spot. I like the Keyshia Cole version best I think. Dego is still doing the broken beats - harder and harder to find material in this quality genre. Christian Rich - maybe the album of the year?

  1. Erykah Badu Hotline bling
  2. Dego Keep it moving right
  3. Christian Rich w/Angela McCluskey Real love
  4. Neon indian Slumlord
  5. The Weeknd Tell your friends
  6. Bryson Tiller Don't
  7. Tame impala Let it happen
  8. Jamie Woon Sharpness
  9. Banks Better
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Best soul or r&b

NAO - so many good songs during 2015. The Internet - a strong contender to the album of the year. The Frank Ocean track is only posted to his Tumblr and a bit difficult to find elsewhere.

  1. NAO Bad blood
  2. The Internet Girl
  3. Kehlani Runnin (Stwo remix)
  4. Frank Ocean At your best (you are love)
  5. Pete Josef The travelling song
  6. SPZRKT Blind man
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Best remix or cover

Sometimes a remix makes all the difference. Always liked the song American girl, here in big orchestra-like version. The C41 remix of Zero7 makes this to one of the best drum&bass tracks in a while - completely different. Erlend gets the Berlin treatment in a very mellow mix, and it just works. If you listen to the original you get why Giorgio Moroder's take is so good; a bit lightweight but his cover album is one of the years's best (with Kylie and Britney). Haim on vocals and the remix is a real boost to the Clavin Harris track.

  1. Ta-ku w/Wafia American girl
  2. Banks Drowning (Stwo remix)
  3. Zero 7 Last night (C41 bootleg)
  4. Bryson Tiller Sorry not sorry (esta remix)
  5. Erlend Øye Rainman (Barck & Comixxx remix)
  6. Giorgio Moroder w/Marlene I do this for you
  7. Calvin Harris w/HAIM Pray to God (Calvin Harris vs Mike Pickering Hacienda remix)
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Best dance

I wanted this to be harder and more minimal techno, but I didn't play that kind of tracks in 2015. Quite soulful drum&bass from my favs London Elektricity.

  1. London Elektricity w/Pete Simpson Impossible to say
  2. Netsky Drawing straws
  3. Leftfield Universal everything
  4. Legowelt Evaporate with me 2 infinity
  5. Christian Rich w/Jay Sean Disappear
  6. Nero Satisfy
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