December compilation 2017 this [2017-12-28]

Two surprises. It was easy to still find good songs, this late in the year. And it was almost impossible to find any kind of video for most songs. Not even choreography videos. What's up with that?

[Preview: 20 seconds from each song]

  1. Mac Ayres Lonely
  2. Rhye Count to five
  3. Kaidi Tatham I see what you see
  4. Malia w/Syd Dirty laundry
  5. Tove Lo Bitches
  6. Jaden Smith Fallen
  7. Ben Stevenson No better way
  8. Jaden Smith B
  9. Jaden Smith U
  10. N.E.R.D. Deep sown body thrust
  11. Asiahn Stranger
  12. Chris Brown w/Jhene Aiko & R. Kelly Juicy booty
  13. N.E.R.D. w/Rihanna Lemon
  14. XXYYXX I don't
  15. Alex Rubino Frequency
  16. Mark Reeve Are we different
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