December compilation 2019 this [2019-12-31]

Just in time. A lot of late album releases. Does this mean we still buying music for Christmas? A start with a couple really nice (jazz) fusion tracks here, then the usual mix of soul and r&b. Next up: best of 2019.

Always looking forward to new material from Pat Metheny but also afraid of experiments with new styles. This sounds like the old fusion style. Thanks.
Takeleave - Nicolas De Araujo Peixoto is a Berlin-based musician with an instrumental background as a songwriter and guitarist. Broken beats with a bit ambient and house.
Werkha - Werkha is from Manchester originally, now in Glasgow. Jazzy in its core, with funk and soul. This is something you want to see live.
Neue - french producer and DJ N'thepe mixes jazz and hiphop, some say a bit of grime as well. Going to play Stockholm 22 Feb 2020 (have my ticket).
Yussef - jazz percussionist and one of London's new jazz stars. Like the broken touch.
Lolo - Californian child of French-Algerian immigrants, only 24, has written for H.E.R. Hip-pop and melancholy. Quite fond of this.
Sonny - a theory is that some songs get here because of the video.
Marie - Danish, London based singer. Classic r&b.
Daniela -
Solå - Sol SunnanÃ¥ Eriksenfrom NOrway. LoFi, own production.
Hemai -
Misha - it's very rare to find music from Finland on here.
Kaytranada's album is like a best of guest vocals.
Weeknd - I like going back to the dark lyrics. Less mainstream like this. Thanks.

[Preview: 20 seconds from each song]
  1. Pat Metheny You are
  2. Takeleave Climbing trees
  3. Werkha Generation X
  4. Neue Grafik Ensemble w/Brother Portrait Hedgehog's dilemma
  5. Yussef Dayes w/Roccy Palladino & Charlie Stacey Othello
  6. Deaton Chris Anthony & Umi Sonshine
  7. Lolo Zouai Chevy Impala
  8. Sonny OMG
  9. Marie Dahlstrom A loveletter - an improvisation
  10. Daniela Andrade Tamale
  11. Solå Dizzy
  12. Hemai w/FiFi Robo Euphonia
  13. Dog ear Can't complain
  14. Misha & Jussi Halme w/cocoabona Luv pact
  15. Kaytranada w/Iman Omari 2 the music
  16. Kehlani w/Keyshia Cole All me
  17. HERO Comfortable
  18. The Weeknd Heartless
  19. Bille Eilish Bad guy
  20. Ariana Grande Break up with your boyfriend, I'm bored
  21. Stormzy Crown

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