Top 20 albums in 2008 this [2009-01-05]

Ok, here goes... I continued on last year's YouTube extravaganza, with one clip for each of my favourite albums. Making a list like this is really hard work, in every way. It's like when you were a kid and had to clean up the comic magazines on the floor in your room and you ended up reading them all, all day.

It's still the case that some artists don't have a web presence at all - how's that even possible in 2008? Just a note on the videos: some are a lot better than others. Don't miss Booka Shade or London Elektricity!

I felt it was difficult to make a fair and sorted list of all the 20 albums. I definitely think Bartkuhn's was the best, but apart from that I don't care that much; it's all good, imo.

01. Lars Bartkuhn - The new continent
This album tops my list with a margin. The youtube clip is also nice, a studio report about the album. I like the fusion sound, the large scale and the perfect sound production (08:00 into the video if you don't have the time to watch it all).

02. Booka Shade - The sun and the neon light
I like the hard and tough sound on the album. It requires a bit of volume, maybe headphones or a PA, to be at its best. Decent web site for the band. Excellent video, even if I think the album sounds a bit different.

03. Bennson - Let the love
A mix of disco and soul. At times it sounds very old, and you wonder if it is a cover album. The mix of styles and the slight happy, upbeat reminds me of CrazyP and Freemasons. An excellent pre-clubbing warm-up thing.

04. Jazzanova - Of all the things
This a quite a shift in style for one of my all-time favourite groups, there's no more electronica. It's very much retro soul, but in a nice way. The whole album is solid and has some great guest vocals.

05. Roland Appel - Talk to your angel
This could be a future classic club album - "Secrets" and "Dark soldier" are big, big tunes. Sady, I think I have worn this album out completely as I find it difficult to play it now.

06. Christian Prommer's Drumlesson - Vol. 1
This is very low-key: dance classics as jazz interpretations and almost without moving, at all. Slow, abstract at times, solid performance and will definitely grown on you. Maybe I should have listed this higher on this chart?
I find this performance impressive. It's Âme's song Rej which has to be a genre classic by now. Stellar.

07. Lindstrøm - Where you go I go too
This albums is the most original of all on this list. Pitchfork called it "epic space-disco". "Balearic" some say. You have to experience this by yourself. The first track is 30 minutes and the whole album just 4 tracks. Restrained and in control, you could say. Last week I tried to listen to it in the car - it doesn't work at all.

08. Reel people - Seven ways to wonder
UK soul from the 80s, maybe even something you could call acidjazz. Some of the best vocals you can find, like Omar, Imaani, Momrelle, Freeman, etc.

09. Ed Motta - Chapter 9
All lyrics are by Robert Gallagher and the sound is more straightforward. Ed's a nice guy and he, like me and all other nice guys, likes his Framboise and Kriek beers...

10. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - Guaranteed niceness
Here's a good opportunity to practice on your German skills. This is the record label's own all-star group made up of label artists and close friends.

11. Incognito - Tales from the beach
There are no surprises to be found here, only more of the old same. Nothing wrong with that - exactly what we fans want. Good video clip. The unique sound and vocals make every Incognito album a winner.

12. Melo - Off my chest
Swedish soul, reviewed earlier.

13. Dinka - The temptation
Here's something completely different - progressive house. The instrumental style and loops brings a bit of trance feeling to it.

14. 2 banks of 4 - Junkyard gods
I think this band is an acquired taste, like Gin or Coffee. We know it was bitter and tough in the beginning but now we love our coffee...

15. London Elektricity - Syncopated city
Tony Colman continues to make drum and bass. Intense rythms and laidback vocals. Decent web presence and easiliy the best video of them all!

16. The Ting Tings - We started nothing
This is normally not my cup. Maybe I like them because it's a duo, maybe it's her singing, the strange bouncing dance or just good songs? Refreshing somehow.

17. Crazy P - Stop space return
I like these silly band videos, it shows they care and it's nice to see a band do this kind of an effort. For a fan, this is way better than the normal MTV-style videos.

18. Veronica Maggio - Och vinnaren är...
This will make no sense unless you speak swedish. It also helps if you have been a student in Uppsala. The best song on the album is Stopp.

19. Nor Elle - Taxi
I could not find even one song from the album on the web - what's up? See the album info for sound bites.

20. Jazztronik - JTK was Poni Hoax - Images of Sigrid
The release date of 28 December made me miss this fine entry. One of his best albums in a while. He's back to uptempo nujazz. The clip below is also available as a live version.

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