Jazztronik - Set free this [2003-07-22]

Not quite sure what to think about this one... I just loved the Inner flight album (which is absolutely essential for any acidjazz:er), but this is a step in an another direction - this is more club jazz than before. I like the female lead vocals on most tracks, but the music is what makes me hesitate. I cannot help thinking of the transformation DJ Takemura went through - from light accessible (almost j-pop) tunes to very experimental introvert and sound-oriented electronica. There is not such a big change here, but there is a definite change going on.

I think my conclusion is that it's nice with music with a challenge... after all, I listen quite a bit to this album even if I'm actually not sure I like it.

Track 12, Andromeda, is a very nice song, beautiful and the vocals are solid. Worth checking out.

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