September compilation this [2004-09-13]

The September compilation is ready. Watch out for some lightweight commercial pop music on this one. You have been warned.

That Arkestra One album "Skydiving" is quite good, in an album kind of way. No big hits, just good music.
Faze Action, as expected. Shiny. Solid. Buy that "Broad Souls" album!
The Crazy Penis album is fantastic. There are many things to say about that album, but with a band name like that it's better not to - anything you say will end up as a joke, or worse.
A nice track by Madonna. Definitely the old school Madonna.
Emma's album is... not good (I'm holding back here). This is the only decent track. I like this style though. My guess is I may not like this in a week or two.
Raymond & Maria, well, you must understand Swedish in order to get what's so special about this.
Finally, cleaning up. Prodigy wipes out any sweet aftertaste. Like brushing your teeth really long and hard. Refreshing. I think I can see clearer now.

MP3 sound bite (5 MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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