Jazz not jazz this [2004-09-18]

I know, I've been sleeping on this... in my defense I've ordered it twice from my on-line store, and both times it got lost in the mail! It has to be one of the most expensive albums I've bought lately. Enough about that - I just loved that first [re:jazz] album, and the whole idea behind the project. That first project featured acoustic jazz interpretations of electronic music, that have appeared on the INFRACom label within the last ten years. It was, IMO, a double success: the original selection was very strong and all songs were justly interpreted.

This album is, of course, a remix album. The acoustic jazz compositions of the first album have now been translated back into electronica. It is confusing, is this still jazz, or are we now back to the original songs that formed the base for the [re:jazz] project? It's a bit like using babelfish to translate a sentence back and forth a couple of times, while observing the generation of new meaning (or distortion) to the text. "Jazz not jazz" as INFRACom calls it.

Strange album ideas aside, this is a good album. Many of our acidjazz heros take the originals a lot further. The range is broad, from dub to straight up electronica. Fantastic remix work by my long time favourite Jazztronik!


INFRACom label

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