September compilation, again this [2004-09-23]

Yet another comp in September! I'm fast... I looked in my archives and this is the result - some new, some old.

Weller: being a fan of both Style Council and Carpenters it's hard to pass on this.
Blige: nice to hear her sing like this. No wailing here. It's her on the cover.
Bob Hund: they don't usually sound like this. They are more of a hard working rock band.
Incognito: the last minute and a half of this song is amazing.
Pat Metheny Group: this band easily match the skills of Incognito. This shows their strange style, with a mix of jazz, fusion, something close to muzak, and a hint of (almost) broken beat.
Mondo grosso: they never hold back, do they... full speed ahead.

MP3 sound bite (4 MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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