Lewis Taylor - The lost album this [2004-12-01]

There's quite a change going on here. It doesn't sound much like his first albums, even if some of the songs actually are the same...
The production is what changed the most, it's way better and different. When I compare with some of the older albums, they almost sound like recorded on a porta studio. At the same time I miss some of the rough indie style he used to have.

Some are sure this is a rock album, and comparisons to Brian Wilson's "Smile" have been made. I'm not so sure even if there are plenty of 70s rock influences and that "creamy multi-layered vocal choirs" he always uses.
There is a piece of everything here: rock, soul, funk, film music, black music, white music (not sure what I mean by that really), etc. It's like he's showing us he really can do them all.

The Lost Album

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