December compilation this [2004-12-02]

Quite nice compilation if I may say so myself. There are some really strong songs here, and a finish with a couple of select Christmas songs.

The two first tracks again from the latest re:jazz project album Point of view. Truly an excellent album. I never understood how Tolstoy got signed by Blue Note, but this is convincing. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but the Blue Note...?
Lizz's voice cuts through the noice. Crystal clear. Weird production though - there are a lot of strange background sounds way back in the mix. You hear them when listening in headphones.
A track from Lewis Taylor's The lost album. Many of the songs are from older albums, but the production has changed. For the better I think.
Dharma, is it Weekend with "brandy", or "Brandy"? It does make a difference... I say both.
Micatone, two really good tracks. I think I've heard a remix of Sit beside me somewhere.... I cannot find it now though. Anyone?
Âme, interesting electronica from south Germany. The whole album is good, if you are into this style. Brilliant tune.
Gwen, what a track! I was pleasantly surprised by the album. It is nothing like I expected, but with names like Dre, Hooper, Neptunes, Austin, Jam & Lewis, you understand there is some quality stuff here. I like her voice a lot.
Christmas section: bringing it down in tempo now. A nice oldie by one of the best voices in the UK, then some lighter but still good classics. Karen Carpenter did this kind of songs well. Finishing off with a locally well-known Swedish band. Hilarious if you are Swedish and know the the guys playing.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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