Stephen Simmonds goes musical this [2005-02-20]

There used to be a swedish TV show called "Anders and Måns". Sometimes bad, but most of the time really fun. Their best show ever was the one about the Cash Card - an embarrassing attempt by Swedish banks to get into the wallets of all Swedes. This monumental failure was covered by Anders and Måns in the form of a musical. The lead role was perfored by Swedish soul singer Stephen Simmonds.

See Stephen sing and praise the cash card [1 minute/9 MB]. I have this entire 30 minute TV show as MPEG, but it's probably not a good idea to publish it here...

I hope the old TV site will stay up. Completely useless if you can't read Swedish. It now seems the site is also useless for all of us - I cannot view the show (avsnitt 6) anymore.

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