March compilation this [2005-03-28]

It's been a while since my last compilation. Been busy, bought stuff that didn't fit into this context and then been lazy...

A slow start with soul feeling. I've almost played that Megablast track to death.
Strong vocals - to say the least - from Hoist, and then Avani and friends. A bit of a "Loose Ends" feeling on the Avani track.
I like everything with Clara Hill. She can do no wrong.
Same goes for Aya (on Blue Six). It's her on the cover btw.
A bit off for TrĂ¼by I think. Only so-so, but still works.
KestWest, really impressive stuff.
The TikiTiki album is wacky. A cover of "Eternal flame" and "Midnight at the oasis"? All done in a tropical swing style. Didn't see that coming.
The stongest possible finish - with 11 minutes of Jazztronik. This is the normal Jazztronik sound.

MP3 sound bite (2.9MB). 20 seconds from each song (track 6 cut short).


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