June compilation this [2005-06-16]

I'm really loosing it... I used to be able to do one compilation per month, but now it's been ages since the last effort. Sorry about that. I guess it will not really improve during summer.

A slow start with a 80s cover. And I don't mean ML Gore.
More smooth sounds from Micatone, of Berlin. The new album Nomad Songs is not quite as immediate as the previous Is you is. I think I liked the old style more. This song is cool tough. Relaxed style.
Beanfield is from 2004, a great tune.
A bit of the good old Jazztronik sound. Quite a lot of his music is more experimental now - is he going down the same (too) complex path as Nobukazu Takemura did? I hope not.
Why I put Annie on here? Go watch a video...
I like the vocals of Jake Shears. Secure and stable.
Again stable vocals. The new album with JK and the guys is surprisingly good.
Stereophonics - just checking to see if you are awake?
dZihan & Kamien brings us back to my normal style of music. The end of this comp is pretty strong and heavy imo.
Thick'n rich - not very nice to say perhaps but why not? The whole album is good and definitely worth checking out. Quite a mix of different styles too.
I just have to mention the cd cover of Tosca - it's made of leather... Valerie Etienne on vocals - time for an album on her own?
I've said this so many times it's getting boring, but we need more of Clara Hill.
A fantastic voyage into sound and space with Kosma! A few amazing tracks on the album. Fantastic cover and package too. Downtempo and quite abstract at times. Not very easy or accessible though. Not for beginners.

MP3 sound bite (3.2MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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