August compilation this [2005-08-10]

Sadly no more vacation... but a slow start at work gives me time to put together a new compilation. I didn't buy that much music during the summer though so some tracks are a bit older. Still, I think it should be ok. A good start with a nordic lineup for the first three tracks.

Tolstoy - excellent vocals. I wish she did less straight jazz and moved towards the nujazz field. She's getting a bit more cred from being on the re:jazz album.
Markus - good web presence.
Röyksopp - sometimes too much pop, but this is just fine. Complex sound with lots of things going on in the background.
Cleveland Watkiss - great voice! The best (male) voice ever in the nujazz genre? Oh, there's Omar too of course. Cleveland is one of those artists that often is best when doing guest vocals. Like Kelis for example. Here in a mix by Kyoto Jazz Massive. I just love this style. I'm going to play this track to death.
Medina - talking about voices...
Shaheer - at first I really disliked this song, but something happened. Now I think it kind of cool. A bit different, maybe even off-key?
Dutch rythm combo - vocals by Joe Dukie I think. Remix by Sebastian Gaiser. From the excellent compilation "02" on Pulver Records. You'll find the comp at Soul Seduction.
D'Nell - I hope you havn't got tired of this song yet. It has that magic sound of an anthem - just like the best Jill Scott tunes.
Cross - how many covers is it possible to do of this song? Weak start, but the freestyle vocals towards the end is nice. Mad piano solo. Mix by Kyoto Jazz Massive.
Freeman - sounds close to something Incognito could have done, but slightly different. The sound is not at all Incognitoesque, not that polished or studio-like. I like it this way; almost like a live recording in it's simplicity.
Pleasure - typical jpop style. Almost too much.
dZihan & Kamien - good flow and a quite jazzy feeling. I didn't expect their album to be so jazzy.
Tosca - reminds me of the early Vienna sound - deep, slow-moving bass and plenty of echo. Hey, where is all that smoke coming from...?
EZ Rollers - it's always full speed ahead with the Rollers... they really are the videogame music masters! The bass that kicks in about 01:30 is really something. Play it loud or you'll miss the point.

MP3 sound bite (3.2MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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