September compilation this [2005-09-07]

The September comp came early. I'm on a roll now, spending unhealthy amounts on new albums... some months are like that. To be fair, many tracks are from other compilations.

I'm starting a new series of cover images for my compilations. For those of you that care enough to read my photo blog (not a very good one, I admit) at Flickr, you may have guessed that the theme will be close-ups of pies... We all have our interests in life, right?

Setting the blueberry pie theme with a classic tune. I regard their album Confessions of a pop group to be one of the best albums ever.
I don't think I like the new album by Roisin - it's strange and quirky. This was, sadly, the only song I really liked. Which is surprising, because the thing that makes Roisin interesting is her unpredictable style.
Stonebridge, almost happy house, or should we just call it plain disco? I still like the upbeat style and the vocals. Easy-going stuff. The whole album is like this; a good party album.
Sabrina Malheiros, pretty standard aj+latin. Makes my head nod.
Sound surgeons, nice groove. A trumpet here and there. Thick bass line. Too easy as an concept but I like it anyway.
Katia B, no comment.
Bebel, good flow. Her normal stuff can sometimes be too calm, but when remixed like this I'm all for it. Couldn't be better. 10 out of 10.
Azymuth, again a band that sounds very different when on their own. Normally they play straight up fusion jazz with a latin flavour. This remix has a beat that transforms it to something very different. Must be played loud.
Airlock, almost a dull start with little more than standard drum beats, but with the vocals and constant drumming it still works.
Goldfrapp, included mostly to raise the tempo. Weird synth sounds, in a good way.
Ringleader, could it be more British? Fantastic drum&bass. "You ain't fucking good enough to be that arrogant"!

MP3 sound bite (3.2MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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