Moving Shadow 05.1 E-Z Rollers sampler this [2005-09-09]

Perfect timing! Got my 05.1 sampler delivered just a few hours before the weekend start. This works fine as headphone music. Requirements: headphones that sound good at high volumes; an hour to "vaste"; fresh batteries in your mp3 player; an empty space not to distube people with second-hand beats.

It's completely crap as entertainment in the car - your driving tends to be affected by the uptempo beat. Not adviced. There should be a sticker on the album, warning for improper use in cars.

There are some heavy classics on here: Cops don't like us, Dust (the original mix is the best), Submission, etc. If you already have those, I recommend the Rollers' new mix of drum&bass. It's actually a lot better and fresher. It's also harder and more uptempo. Not music for everyone I guess.

I think there still are sound bites at Juno. The sampler is so cheap (£2.80) there's no need to hesitate.

05.1 sampler

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