October compilation this [2005-10-05]

This compilation is more on the soul side than usual. I'm really into the UK soul style, smooth and with a focus on the vocals. Not so much r&b.

Players - Swedish soul. An excellent album if you can get it...
Martin/Chrisopher - good take on that song. Like a jazz standard (the song I mean) for the soul genre.
Dana - you can only pull of such a minimal production with quality vocals.
Janet - except for the Rythm Nation album, I never understood her uptempo hits. This kind of slow songs is a completely different thing.
Clara - a remix from her album. Ok. Too uptempo I think.
Hooverphonic - an overdose of hand claps and shuffle sound. Nice.
Maysa - damn this is good! There's something about this kind of happy, upbeat Incognitoesque sound that suits her. Nobody sings like Maysa. Maybe Caron Wheeler did once. Ok, Sarah Anne Webb of D-Influence is even better imo, but it's so long ago we heard anything from her.
Venue - let's not be afraid of instrumental music. Ambient aj.
Audio - sounds a lot like The Streets, no?
Levin - takes a few spins to get used to. A bit quirky. Grows on you.
Jay-Jay - I know... a bit too much pop. Not bad though. The new album, Rush, is quite ok I think. Reminds me of the 80s synth pop.
Kim - more of that 80s sound.
Madness - and a re-take on that same song. Interesting. Didn't listen that much to them back then. Sounds good now though.
Bar-Keys - you should hear this on my CM3 Pro speakers in my office! That bass line is really something.

MP3 sound bite (3.2MB). 20 seconds from each song.


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