[re:jazz] - Expansion this [2006-10-23]

If I count correctly, this is the fourth album from the re:jazz project. The style has changed a bit with this release and they experiment with a more straightforward jazz band sound.

For newcomers - the idea is to re:make (club) songs in a jazz style; CeCe Penistons "Finally", Coldcuts "People hold on", Joe Smooths "Promised land" etc.

The jazzier pieces are, well, jazzier in a traditional sense. It's more like a proper band this time, and focus is on the band's performance. On previous albums some of the shine has come from the many guest appearances. The song selection before was on the nujazz front line. Now, it's a bit less edgy I think. They are showing more of themselves this time.

There's a big band sound, on "People hold on", with Tobias Kremer Big Band. Quite fitting and fun. "Promised land" starts with something that, at first, sounds like Jevetta Steele's "Calling you" from the movie Bagdad Café. Nice vocals on that song, a duet with Inga Lühning and Mattias Vogt. It's too slow and laid back to be a hit, but it is maybe the best track on the album. Hancock's "Rock it" was a surprise. "Finally" is quite nice, the ending with Jaydee's "Plastic dreams" is well performed.

I get the feeling of a band that is going on tour with this material. It should be a no-brainer to invite them to the many jazz festivals next summer. Personally, I kind of miss the more daring and exclusive song selection. Maybe that's too much a fan's view from someone with quite some time in the nujazz/acidjazz genre.

Small MP3 sound bite. 20 seconds from 3 songs, downsampled.

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