October compilation 2006 this [2006-10-26]

Managed to find 17 songs this month. Starting off with a few good vocalists. Ending with club tunes and a harder electronica sound.

re:jazz - I think the best tracks on their new album are when they do covers. Especially the more club oriented originals.
Incognito - amazing album of covers (their own and others). The two best tracks are with Jocelyn and Carleen.
Soundscape - classic AJ, from 1996.
Everybody loves the sunshine - I put these back to back. The quiet boys did this in 1997, I think?
Falk - very typical sound for him. Sometimes it worksm like on these two tracks.
Airmate - surprisingly good album btw. Solid.

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup! 7/10 points.


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