November compilation 2006 this [2006-12-01]

Not very nujazz at all this month. Mainly pop and soul. Lots of Tosca.

Tolstoy - the best track on the new album. With a hint of a fusion-like quality towards the end. This song, remixed by Jazzanova or the re:jazz team would be great. Or with a proper fusion band? Santa: I wish Azymuth did a remake of this track. Thank you.
Naomi - the long-awaited album is here. It sounds nothing like the previous albums. To me, they were the typical electronic piano lounge masters. Now it's straigh up pop. It's not bad, just very unexpected. The sound is a lot like Phoenix'!
Beverly Knight - spent the last of my credit at before they finally close... I like her old-school sound. There should be more new music made in this genre.

MP3 sound bite (3.1MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: bagel + cranberry muffin + brownie. 7/10 points.


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