December compilation 2006 this [2006-12-08]

Soulish. Acoustic. Mainly based on the compilation Soul Lounge 3. This was a quick compilation before the work on the best of 2006 begins.

Saint privat - A bit strange or too esoteric? Maybe. In headphones you hear dub echo effects in the background... can't wait for the dub remix album!
Conya - I'm still struggling with the album "Love rain down". Some days I kind of like it, other days I don't get it all. There are a couple of songs that work most of the time.
Gwen - the new album is a disappointment, for me. Too many gadgets and "fun" samples. Plain songs would be enough I think, with her excellent voice. Sometimes less is more.
Alice Smith - I first thought I wouldn't like her album "For Lovers, Dreamers & Me" at all, but it grows on you. Quality stuff.
Adolphson - a classic Swedish hit from ages ago. 1981 I think. Funny how a quality song still works.
Divine comedy - I blame this on my friend's recommendations. Not something I normally buy, but you can hear there's something going on here. Artsy, right?

MP3 sound bite (3.7MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: Sosta Bar, Stockholm. 9.3/10 points (on coffee alone).


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