Easiest setup ever? The AirPort Express this [2007-10-02]

I bought an AirPort Express more than a year ago. It's been sitting next to my Mac Mini, in its original box. I'm ok with connecting to the Internet using cable so I don't really know why I got this device.

AirPort Express

I remember my old D-Link Base Station and the hard work it was to make it do anything. Without a manual you couldn't do anything. With a manual you could cause a big mess. That was it, more or less.

This Sunday, I plugged the AirPort into a socket in my living room, connected it to AUX on my stereo (that is, no internet cable attached to the AirPort), then turned on the Mac Mini. It connected to the AirPort and said there was new version of the firmware available - "Should I get it?". I clicked yes, waited while the Mini downloaded it, installed it wirelessly, rebooted the AirPort and then said "all done". A few more clicks and the connection was running encrypted (WPA2). This took less than 3 minutes.

Now I can use iTunes to play music through my stereo wirelessly. It's not often you find computer devices with this kind of usability.

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