October compilation 2007 this [2007-09-29]

The usual mix of acidjazz, nujazz, and r&b. Going a bit more uptempo towards the end.

DJ Mibor - from a solid album. Straight up acidjazz from Spain.
Urban species - an oldie from 1994 (I think). Excellent vocals.
Politik - if only all songs on their album could be this good. A killer broken beat track.
Lekman - does not realy belong on my comps. I'm not sure I even like this...
Keyshia - this comp's star! Cannot get enough of her.
Motorcitysoul - I like this kind of nujazz. The guy behind it is Matthias Vogt btw.
Jazztronik - no comments, too much smoke here... rob, is that you?
Numbers - tight and groovy. Again, the vocals...! Valerie Etienne, of course. This is not "Magic Numbers" - that's something completely different. This is Demus (Young Disciples and 2 banks of four). From the album "Safety In Numbers" - an album that deserves to be better known. From 2001.

MP3 sound bite (3.3MB). 20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: raspberry crumble and vanilla. 9/10 points.


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