February compilation 2008 this [2008-02-10]

Leaving the jazzier January style - going a bit more classic aj, and some electronica at the end and a great live radio recording.

NSM and Magic number - nothing special, just good music. Kind of a no-hit character, but I still like them. This could almost be called old school now?
Reel people - fantastic stuff. Cannot get enough of it! The album "Seven ways to wonder" is worth a closer look.
MdCL - I like the fusion side of this kind of electronica. I got hooked by the recent Politik album. This is from 2003 "Melodius Beats Volume 1".
Pommer - many people raved about him in their best of 2007 charts. This is the sound. Jazzy and intellectual. Quite ok but requires a couple of spins. Album "Drum Lesson Vol. 1".
Kosma - this track is a real killer. Quality all the way, an oldie from the 2005 album "New aspects".
Moloko - Live on radio. Just the DJ's intro (in Dutch) is worth the track! It's a weird sounding language... this is coming from a Swede!

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: hommage to the town where many of the artists on this comp are from (or at least their record label). 9/10 points on style, 2/10 on visibility. It's Berlin Alexanderplatz btw.


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