Reel people - Seven ways to wonder this [2008-02-10]

Bored, tired and jaded... these are not fun months. No sun, and few album releases this time of year. One exception here. Somehow this album found it's way into the playlist at work. I've always liked Reel people, but this was a surprise. It's really a solid album, with a hint of that (typical 80s) soul sound I grew up with. Not a retro thing at all though - it works as a modern uk soul take. "Soulful dance music" they call it and what could be better than that. I find this extremely satisfying. If you are anything like me, this is a safe buy.

As always, vocals are impeccable; Omar, Tony Momrelle (Incog), Imaani, Vanessa Freeman, Joy Rose (Incog) etc. Click cover for band's site.

album cover

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