March compilation 2008 this [2008-03-18]

Girls fight it out this month... Some of my current favs, of course. Not exactly my normal nujazz selection. A few comments:

Lizz - Tanita T. comes to mind. Not usually my cup, but a solid performance and you can hear the quality right through.
Hercules - Anthony H. is no girl but his voice can compete here. An odd album, but I like the hard dance style on the album.
MaryJ - The album...? I'm not so sure, sadly. "Stay down" works but I didn't find anything else for me. This song is quite alright though. More of this melancholic feeling.
Janet - Same here. As always, you have your hopes (too high) when it comes to some artist's albums. I've always had a weak spot for her slow, whispering songs.
Natasha - I saw a live take from (I think) Abbey Road Studios with her. Impressive. I like the very english style, but the song is too short, right? YouTube: Soulmate (Live from Abbey Road)
Keyshia - from 2005. For fans, check out this YouTube collection from this album.
Bembe - from the new 2bo4 album "Junkyard gods". More complex than most other songs here. Bembe wins imo.
Janet - Daft Punk fever (Daftendirekt sample)? video
Daft - the "original" sounds. Brilliant live mix. 10 minutes long.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: chocolate square with candy topping. 5/10 points.


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