July compilation 2008 this [2008-07-05]

It's nice to have some new music for the long car rides in the summer. It's not exactly car music but still... This month's compilation is more than usual based on the Sonar label.

Ting Tings - see my earlier post.
Poni Hoax - I'm impressed by their albums. They include so many different styles on the album it makes you just a bit confused. I thought they were a typical indie pop band, but "Antibodies" is a very nice example of new wave. And they are french - another surprise.
Rej - Ok, I know it is a bit much putting the same song three times in a row. The versions are all different so it should be alright I think. A modern electronica classic, this song. I'm very fond of the Sonar Kollektiv take.
Appel - it's refreshing having such a good electronica album for the summer. Music in the summer usually is reggae, jazz or something else soft. The album Talk To Your Angel cuts through it all.

MP3 sound bite (3.5MB)
20 seconds from each song. Cover shot: apple pie. 7/10 points.


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