Keyshia Cole - A different me (2008) this [2009-01-23]

Maybe it was the two previous great albums that first made me a bit unsure about this one. A few spins later, I think this is just as good (maybe lacking one or two big hits though). It may not be as immediate as Just like you but in style is not that different.

I'm not so interested in songs like "This is us" - grown up and close to adult contemporary... On the other side: the big production in the duet with Monica, "Trust", and the uptempo "Please don't stop" are prime r&b stuff.

Playing the album now, I think it's better than I first thought. It's still the same Cole, and that's a good thing. This r&b genre lacks big names at the moment, right? The last Brandy album was a big disapointment, and the list goes on...

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