July compilation 2010 this [2010-08-15]

July was the opposite of June, with lots of new names and some really interesting songs. Mainly in the progressive soul field. A real comeback if you ask me.

The comp starts with a few songs with hints of electronica but get's more and more into soul/groove, staring from track 3 or so. Worth mentioning:

Live tropical fish - their last album was (for me) close to a disaster with some kind of strange funk/groove. Now, the latest album - The Day Is Too Short To Be Selfish - is exactly why I got interested in the band some years ago. More AJ, in my ears. Excellent guest vocals (like Omar) and the style is just right. Not a compleyely solid album but more than a step in the right direction. Deserves to get some more airtime.

Electric wire hustle - now this is really something! A band from NZ playing progressive soul (or whatever). This is my current favourite band and the album tops my Most played list. I was blown away by this live set in Paris.

Silhouette brown is out with their second album. This gets my highest recommendations - a sure buy. The best people from the broken beat scene and excellent vocals. That Lady Alma is just fantastic!

MP3 sound bite (7 MB). 20 seconds from each song.
Cover shot: pickled tomatos (!) and blueberry pannacotta. 8/10 points.


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