More music that didn't make my best of 2011 list this [2012-01-06]

Little Dragon. Something must be seriously wrong when a band like this didn't make the best of list. The album is, sadly, lacking the the vibe of their live performances. It's too clean and non-organic. This live clip is pretty amazing and shows what it should sound like.

Haley's "All ths love" didn't make this year's best of list because... it was released in 2010. I don't know what I was thinking when I did my best of 2010 and didn't include this. I take it all back. It's been on heavy rotation, and still is.

Beastie boys. I don't know why Hot Souce pt.2 didn't get played more - "Say it" is a decent track, and so is "Make some noise". This was maybe the video of the year though? Everyone was in it! Just brilliant, all 30 minutes of it.

Adele. She's everywhere, tops all search lists. "Rolling in the deep" is a great song, but even more I've enjoyed the many covers on YouTube. The best cover? Probably this one by the Narvaez, or the refreshing Jazz Metal version by Andy Rehlfelt.

Mayer Hawthorne. "Can't stop" with Snoop was a great track. They should do more music together - MayerH on his own can get a bit too retro and he needs the groove, the dirty influences. You know it's good when heads are nodding, like this. When it comes to videos, Mayer is pretty much in a league of his own.

Metronomy. You gotta love a tune like that, with hand clap and all. Pop at its best.

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