February compilation 2012 this [2012-02-26]

Submotion orchestra. Remember this. A band that does a mix of soul and dubstep as a traditional (non-laptop) live band. Should be huge, especially in the coming festival season. I'm so there, is they even come close to Sweden on a tour. Then a couple of recent buys that impressed me a lot: Trentemøller's reworked/remix compilation and Modeselector's album Monkeytown. It's all pretty electronic and dark, but I like it like that; February stuff imo.

First a live 21 minutes long video with Submotion orchestra - dub, smooth, gorgeous vocals (Ruby Wood). Then, if you are into techno at all, you'll love the live cut with Modeselector - especially the last minute when they guys really get into the groove. Entertaining.

Cover shot: Grosse Brauner, Vienna. 7/10 points.


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