March compilation 2012 this [2012-04-08]

This is what happens when you are busy at work. No time whatsoever for finding the new good stuff. With the help of some general reviews I got this together. Decent stuff I guess. Surprisingly, I find the Madonna track Best friend fresh - I have a weak spot for these sentimental songs. There's a lot of talk (hipster house, skinny legs, bad hair days) about Kindness (swedish); maybe there's something here - I will have to spend some more time on that album. Excellent video though, see below. Incognito has a new album out; for an AJ fan always something to check out. Bartmes' album Modular soul, I find it interesting and solid. Also, starting collecting some Baile/Bossa club tracks for the summer.

Cover shot: Café at the Humbold Uni, Berlin. 5/10 points.


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