May compilation 2013 this [2013-05-02]

I like Annie, coming out as a raver. I'm quite into the xxyyxx stuff - close to style of The Weeknd, but darker (how's that even possible?). Drake - good, and it's not only girls that like Beyoncé. Maylee Todd - nice remix that really makes this track. Most of all, I like Siriusmo's All the girls. Brilliant remix.

  1. Oskar LinnrosHur dom än
  2. Jeanelle MonáeThis tightrope's made for walking
  3. Giraffage w/xxyyxxEven though (The one AM radio remix)
  4. Klank Sweatson w/Vikter DuplaixWaiting
  5. DrakeGirls love Beyoncé
  6. Swell Communications w/EsmaraldaThe Girl vs. Jimpster
  7. Parov Stelar trioLa calatrava
  8. AnnieTube stops and lonely hearts
  9. Late night alumniRing a bell
  10. Phon.oFukushima
  11. Bara bröstHi Jack
  12. Maylee ToddBaby's got it (Martino remix)
  13. Christian PrommerYou belong to me
  14. SiriusmoFemuscle
  15. SiriusmoAll the girls (Tomboy remix)
  16. Miguel Migs & Shades of greyDown underground

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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