November compilation 2013 this [2013-12-08]

Kraftwerk is going to perform in Stockholm soon. Here's a short electronica hommage, old and new.

  1. Rational youth Saturdays in Silesia
  2. Kraftwerk & Katy Perry mixed by DJ Borby Norton Showroom dummie vs. California girls
  3. Ron Flatter & Nick D-Lite Jetlands
  4. Booka Shade Love Inc
  5. Prommer & Barck Everything (Skwerl mix)
  6. Disclosure w/London grammar Help me lose my mind (Pearson sound vocal remix)
  7. Maps I heard them say (Andy Stott remix)
  8. Fran We are planets (Oliver Koletzki remix)
  9. Truls Trvls
  10. Kosheen Save your tears
  11. Kosheen 745
  12. Drvg Cvltvre Movnt Doom
  13. Drvg Cvltvre Sanctvary's end
  14. Drvg Cvltvre I set fires to feel joy

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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