December compilation 2013 this [2013-12-24]

This comp maybe sums it up for 2013. Drake's all over the place. Then some Drake covers. And a million fan covers on youtube. A lot of artists sounding like Drake (or Weeknd); not bad at all, just saying.

Oddisee - an all instrumental album. Quite impressive.
Rhye - or is it Sade...?
Ellie - I'm not sure why I like this. This and her Weeknd cover (High for this) are among the best of 2013 imo.
JMSN - dark r&b à la mode. Weird transformation from teenage hormone pop like When she turns 18 to drug-destructive clips like Alone. YouTube has blocked thousands of less violent clips.
Stwo - check out his Drake remix of All me. Follow his Soundcloud account. Now.
Beyoncé - An album worth buying, just for the videos. I like the production here, the sound is perfect with a focus on her voice (obviously).
Jhené - still havn't made up my mind, mixing the good with less strong. This is fine.
Modeselector - yes.

None of these clips are in a holiday spirit. Be warned.

  1. Oddisee Fashionably late
  2. Rhye Shed some blood
  3. Ellie Golding Tesselate
  4. Blood orange Chamakay
  5. JMSN The one
  6. Stwo Lovin' U
  7. Beyoncé w/Drake Mine
  8. Drake w/Jhené Aiko From time
  9. Jhené Aiko Comfort inn ending (freestyle)
  10. Flume w/Jezzabell Doran Sleepless
  11. C2C Arcades
  12. Oliver Koletzki w/Dear Prudence You see red
  13. Movement Us
  14. Pedestrian Hoyle road
  15. Kelela Guns & Synths
  16. Cocolores w/Phoenix Martins Inside (Till von Sein remix)
  17. Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino thermal team Negativity

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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