May compilation 2016 this [2016-05-28]

A couple of outstanding videos - M83's live set with excellent high quality recording, Olga Bell's electronica has a refreshing sound, Phantom's Voyeur is a short movie story that I really like, but the prize goes to DUST and the hardest (bodymusic?) live performance.

  1. Late night tuff guy I'm not in love anymore
  2. M83 w/Jordan Lawlor Walkaway blues
  3. CanBlaster Encore DX
  4. Kaytranada w/Syd You're the one
  5. Kristin Kontrol X-Communicate
  6. ANOHNI Drone bomb me
  7. James Blake Timeless
  8. Tennyson Fault line
  9. James Blake Choose me
  10. Empress Of Water water
  11. Jessy Lanza It means I love you
  12. Olga Bell Randomness
  13. Georgia Digits
  14. Phantoms w/Nicholas Braun Voyeur
  15. Moderat Reminder (answer code request)
  16. Digitalism The Ism
  17. DUST She work up in water

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

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