June compilation 2016 this [2016-06-26]

Still into alternative R&B. Ariana, that old tale of the beauty and the rapper. SZA for the voice. Anna Wise for the video and the James Blake-sound (did he write the music?). Puro instinct for a Madonne cover, nice! Pete Josef for bringing some quality nujazz back, rare these days. BoyBoy, electro-pop. Cassius, even more electro-pop, compulsively listenable with mass appeal. If only Jazztronik would stop the artsy experiments and show what he really's capable of. Danny Brown's flow is impressive, or just hyperactive? Love the Greg Beato sound - hard and exact beats, dark drums, a real club song, an instant classic.

  1. Ariana Grande w/Lil Wayne Let me love you
  2. lsdxoxo s u f r i r
  3. SZA twoAM
  4. Slo Shut out of paradise (Hanami remix)
  5. Anna Wise Precious possession
  6. Boathouse Coming into focus
  7. Puro instinct Inside of me
  8. Rihanna Same ol' mistakes
  9. Cleopold Scarlet
  10. Pete Josef Colour (Potatohead people's lights on remix)
  11. BoyBoy Boy
  12. Cassius w/Cat Power & Pharrell Williams Go up
  13. Disclosure Boss
  14. Jazztronik Warp - the warp riders adventures on the dance floor
  15. Mike Will Made-it w/Rihanna Nothing is promised
  16. Danny Brown When it rain
  17. Greg Beato Haunting

Preview: 20 seconds from each song.

Impossible to find all tracks on Spotify so a few replascements here and there.

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