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Content updated June 25 2009.

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The list software changed (2006 February 08) to a web-based solution. The software is called mailman. To subscribe, visit the introduction page.

To post to the list, send mail to: acid-jazz@ucsd.edu

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You can change your subscription setting (e.g. to a daily digest) at the member login page. If you don't have a password, enter your email adress and click "remind" at the bottom of the page to have the password mailed to you.

Problems / Contact
Questions or comments? Please send them to the mailing list administrator at: acid-jazz-l-owner AT lists.ucsd.edu.

As usual, be aware of Netiquette - read a few posts first before posting. Also, even though this list is unmoderated, you can get yanked if you start to post offensive shit. I believe in the 1st Amendment, but I also believe in respect. There are plenty of other venues for offensive stuff (see rec.humour).
I listen to a wide range of music, and so does everyone else - I like techno, house, rock and jazz. But this is an *Acid Jazz* mailing list. Please no requests for techno or garage or grunge info. :-) If you know of a record that people *must* hear, .....mmm OK, but always try to include the "obligatory a-jazz/related" comment (OBA-Jazz)... :-) This, of course, gets me into trouble because "What *is* acid jazz"? Suffice to say Praga Khan or Smashing Pumpkins have no place here.
Also - if you belong to some organization, group, fanzine, whatever - we *want* to hear about you. Tell us if you play any instruments, or if you are part of a band. However this list is *not* a free advertising venue. If you are a writer for a magazine or music corporation of some sort - NO CORPORATE ADS. Feel free to use any info gleaned from this list, and feel free to share, but please don't use us as free publicity - infomercials are OK (the more info, the better). :-)

One last reminder. In my opinion, Acid Jazz and related musics are usually about peace and the struggle against oppression (for our brothers *and* sisters). In that vibe, be respectful - disagree, but don't slam people. Don't flame on the list - flame personally if you have to at all.

Now, after all that heavy stuff, welcome! Kick back and mellow to the schmoov sounds of acid jazz.....
I hope you like the list. Peace and respect,
Greg "Boyteen" Beuthin & Jonathan Takagi & Erik Borälv

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