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Content updated January 14 2008.

This is a collection labels present on the net. I list only those that might be interesting for the acid jazz affectionado.

Ether Redords.[http://www.ethermusic.net]
Ether Records is home to contemporary, cutting edge sounds rooted in jazz, soul and electronic music. Watch out for forthcoming albums from Bruno E., Gilles Peterson and Patricia Marx.
Sonar Kollektiv.[http://www.sonarkollektiv.de/]
Now this is really something! Some of the best music around, directly from the source. Jazzanova, Clara Hill, Platnum, Âme, Micatone, Deyampert and many more. Big, big up for the very competitive prices usually around €10 for an album!
NuJazz from a German label that is a bit different. Home of the excellent re:jazz albums, Cleveland Watkiss and many others. I've got many personal favourites here: Aromabar, Taxi, Hacienda.
Chocolat Soul.[http://www.chocolatsoulrecords.com/]
Nujazz out of Spain. A very small label so far. Pretty good style and the right influences, it seems.
Discerning Ear Projects.[http://www.discerningear.co.uk/]
Discerning Ear Projects is an umbrella production label - not a record label, but instead prefer to licence the material to partner companies where they can concentrate on selling to their specialist markets. The web-site is a central point for the collective promotion of these projects. Shur-i-kan lives here.
Slow Reality.[http://www.slowreality.com/]
Record label of british artist Lewis Taylor. A small and focused site, to the extreme. Come on guys, one photo or sound bite won't hurt...
FAROUT Recordings.[http://www.faroutrecordings.com/]
Far Out Recordings is an independent London based label specialising in Brazilian flavoured releases. The amazing Azymuth is here. Joyce, Kirk Degiorgio and more. The music covers Jazz and World to House and Drum n' Bass with maximum dancefloor impact.
Expansion Records.[http://www.expansionrecords.com/]
The home of some of the best in soul, like Maysa, Keni Burke, Kloud 9, Stephanie Mills. Note: they have got some brilliant compilations!
Compost records are now back on the net! They have got some of the best compilations around, plus A Forest Mighty Black, Beanfield, Fauna Flash, etc.
Soul Jazz Records/.[http://www.soundsoftheuniverse.com/]
Brilliant soul/jazz and latin comps here! (says me, the web admin) We are interested in all types of music (literally) and hopefully the catalogue reflects this. The main areas that we have focussed on so far are Jazz, Latin, Funk, Reggae and Brasilian however this is not the only music we like and in the future will be releasing other types of music, from Haitian Voodoo to Tibetan Buddhist chants (no, really).
Hospital Records.[http://www.hospitalrecords.com/]
London Elektricity, Landslide, Danny Byrd, High Contrast.
'Ubiquity Recordings. We are based out of San Francisco, ... three main labels: Luv-N-Haight (rare groove and funky jazz re-issues), Ubiquity (new acid jazz/street soul), and our brand new label Cu-Bop (Cuban funk).'
K7 Records.[http://www.studio-k7.com/]
C.J. Bolland kicked off the 'DJ Kicks' series, which has since featured mixes by Carl Craig, Claude Young, Stacey Pullen, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nicolette and Rockers Hi-Fi. A lot of other nice compilations are here.
Wall Of Sound.[http://www.wallofsound.net/]
I think we want to call they a dance label but the style is quite diverse and has, over the years, featured some major AJ contributors. The Give 'em Enough Dope compilations are among the best there is. Mekon, Propellerheads, The Wiseguys, Dirty Beatniks, etc.
Home of Aya, Blue Six
Mole Records.[http://www.mole.de/]
Mole is a label that embraces music that cannot be tacked with a stereotype label or forced into a determinated category. It's a mix of everything from house to hiphop & ambient to jungle & jazz to triphop. I recommend checking out Yonderboi and Homegrown. Samples available online.
AcidJazz Records.[http://www.acidjazz.co.uk/]
Acid Jazz, established in 1987 by Ed Piller and Giles Peterson as a tongue-in-cheek response to the Acid House explosion, the label armed only with a music policy that stated No House Music, rapidly began producing records that although contained very little 'Jazz' and even less 'Acid', became the ultimate symbol of 90's chic.
Attica Blues, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, James Lavelle, Liquid Liquid, Money Mark, etc.
Club Brasil.[http://www.latinmusic.co.uk/]
The label's vision is to work with the most exciting musicians from Brazil/South America and the rest of the world to produce high quality music and make it available to the widest possible audience, introducing new talent as well as famous names.
Warp Records.[http://www.warp-net.com/]
One of the best looking site there is. Slick. Squarepucher, Red Snapper, Autechre, Aphex Twins, Nightmares on Wax, Laurent Garnier, live here.
Mantis Recordings.[http://www.mantis-recordings.com/]
Atjazz's home.
Versatile Records.[http://www.versatilerecords.com/]
I:cube, Gilb'r, Bel Air project, etc.
Cosmic Sounds.[http://cosmicsounds-london.com/]
Excavating and re-releasing Eastern European (Russian, Czech and Yugoslavian etc.) jazz.
Planet E.[http://www.planet-e.net/]
Innerzone orchestra, Kevin Sauderson, Carl Craig, compilations like 'The God Good'. Not bad!
King Street Sounds.[http://www.kingstreetsounds.com/]
Soulful-spiritual house in the tradition of the Paradise Garage. An independent label bringing such sounds as future soul, Nu jazz, Deep progressive house, and Afro-abstract excursions to the forefront.
Palm Pictures.[http://www.palmpictures.com/]
Da Lata, Quango, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Dieselboy, Spacer, etc.
Beat based jazz, nu funk, hiphop patterns and so forth. Keyf Records provides highly aromatic releases. With diversity, eclecticism and quality in every release.
8th Dimension.[http://members.tripod.com/SoundIn8thD/]
Long-time mailing list members on their own record label. Q-Burn, PDN and others.
Urban Takeover.[http://www.urbantakeover.co.uk/]
Really impressive animation and sound bites!
F Communications.[http://www.fcom.fr/]
Alexkid, A Reminiscent Drive, Aqua Bassino, Chaotik Ramses, Elegia, Frédéric Galliano, Laurent Garnier, Jori Hulkkonen, Juan Trip', Lady b., Llorca, Nova Nova, Ready Made, ScanX, ...
Fi Sci.[http://www.fisci.freeserve.co.uk/]
After several years signed to Polygram, Ute have created Fi Sci Records. Fi Sci will be a progessive label releasing records by a range of artists working in that space where so many musics collide. Fi Sci aim to supply the listener with quality sounds from people working in areas from the highly abstract to the sweet & soulful.
Paper Recordings.[http://paper.state51.co.uk/]
Paper recordings was conceived in a pub over brown ale in Manchester 1994 by pete jenkinson, elliot eastwick, ben davis, miles hollway and andy gough as a gut reaction against an increasingly dull and diluted dance scene where the music which was being released was about units and not soul.
Instinct Records.[http://www.instinctrecords.com/]
Founded as a dance label in a Greenwich Village living room, Instinct Records first gained prominence in the rave scene. In addition to techno and rave music in America, Instinct became known for its parallel emphasis on the acid jazz scene. The THIS IS ACID JAZZ series is the ultimate U.S. source of reference for the genre and continues to be the most popular acid jazz series in the U.S.
Jazzateria, a full service management company and boutique recording label for jazz artists.
No Bull Records.[http://www.nobullrecords.com/]
A small and new label.
Giant Step.[http://www.giantstep.net/]
GIANT STEP heads forward positive and optimistic of the numerous fresh and innovative ideas being incorporated worldwide - the jazz thing residing comfortably next to jungle, funk, ambient, hip hop and trip hop. And best of all, holding it's own simply as fuckin' good music.
Tommy Boy.[http://www.tommyboy.com/]
This is mostly beats and hip-hop...
Fog City Records.[http://www.fogworld.com/]
'Fog City is ground zero for Fog City Records (acid jazz / funk on Enhanced CDs and good old vinyl), Fog City Productions (music production) and Fog City Graphics (music-related graphic design).'
Dorado Records.[http://www.dorado.net/]
APE, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Cool Breeze, D*Note, Jhelisa, Outside, Project 23 and Slowly is a great line-up. In my book these are some of the big stars of the genre. Pure quality.
Irma Records was started in Bologna, Italy in 1988. Small, independent, and focusing rather strictly on acidjazz.
Desco Records.[http://www.descorecords.com]
Desco plans to release at least one new title and new 45' every month, in addition to compilations and reissues. Desco is equipped with their own studio on 41st street in Manhattan, Desco 440 Studios, where funk is produced twenty-four hours a day. All recordings are analog and the sound is guaranteed to be as rough and old-style as the music.
Pork Records.[http://www.pork.co.uk/]
Fila Brazillia, Solid Doctor, Baby Mammoth, et al. Why is a label called 'pork' when they claim to survive on a strict haddock diet...?
Crammed Discs.[http://www.crammed.be]
Contains several other labels, like SSR, selector, etc. This means Carl Craig, 4 Hero, Tek 9 and many more.
Amber Records.[http://www.amber.de]
Loophole, Cool Struttin' series, and some drum'n'bass out of Germany.
Backbeat Records.[http://www.backbeatrecords.com]
Acid Jazz, street jazz, smooth jazz, funky grooves and everything to the left and right and in between. But one really should care about is... 'does it got soul'.
Silent Records.[http://www.silentrecords.net/]
Silent Publicity has consistently placed top-quality releases in high visibility/high credibility press spots. Our philosopy is simple, we plan on distributing, promoting, and licensing incredible music.
Atomic Silence.[http://www.atomic-silence.com]
German underground techno, or so...
Cup Of Tea Records.[http://cup_of_tea_records.tripod.com/]
Born in Bristol, UK, Cup Of Tea Records are one of the UKs top, dare I say it, 'trip-hop' labels. Showcasing a wide range of the Bristol sound from techno, jazz-funk, hip-hop to dub.
The label was formed as a result of the partnership between Greyboy and Karl Denson. Greyboy Records maintains the belief that its work should be dependent only on its own artistic perceptions.
Right Tempo.[http://www.planet.it/ishtar]
Soul, Funk, Jazz, Bossa, Hip Hop Jazz and Acid Jazz on a live dancefloor vibe, the Italian way.
Hollywood Records.[http://www.hollywoodrec.com]
Hollywood Records is the U.S. distrubutor of the (U.K.) Acid Jazz label.
Delicious Vinyl.[http://www.deliciousvinyl.com/]
The home of the Brand New Heavies, in a rather confusing web site...
German good stuff. I personally recommend the band Jazzkantine.
Mo' Funk Records.[http://www.mofunk.com]
Mo'Funk started as a club night dedicated to exposing people in our fair city to live acid jazz acts from around the world and grew into a thriving promotions company. As a collective of DJs and music types we always felt that our particular scene was unique in the world and so Mo' Funk Records was born.
OM Records.[http://www.om-records.com]
Om records is a unique blend of musical, creative, and technical talent focused on the emerging enhanced CD market. We use technology to create dynamic new media products that bring art and music to a higher level. The multimedia track of an Om release compliments the album by highlighting the artists and the music through articles, interviews, and full motion video. Om Records allows the listener to enter the world of their musical selection and explore the scene, insights, and inspiration surrounding the music.
Excellent stuff, and well-designed too.
Mammoth Records.[http://www.mammoth.com]
Home of Charlie Hunter Trio.
Death In Vegas, Monkey Mafia and the Heavenly lot.
Moonshine Music.[http://www.moonshine.com]
'Moonshine Music offers compilations of progressive music encompassing the genres not usually found on the American radio and Top 40 pop charts. Music such as Ambient, Techno, Acid Jazz, Trip-Hop, Trance, Jungle, Break-Beat, & House. Many compilations are continously mixed by world famous DJ's.'
Go! Discs.[http://www.demon.co.uk/godiscs]
The most interesting parts of this server for the acid jazzers are Portishead and Paul Weller I guess.
Ninja Tune.[http://www.ninjatune.net]
NINJA TUNE is the small but perfectly formed brainchild of original dance floor hooligans COLDCUT. Formed in 1990 this label has evolved into one of the leaders on the triphop/acid jazz scene. Funkjazztickle Tricknology is what these hedNoddin' Ninjas of the groooove deal in. So if you don't know what that is, better click on and tune in to find out.
The home for drum&bass and Goldie.
Hi-quality jazz all the way! The sublabels are Impulse, grp and Blue Thumb.
Hi-quality music all the way! Loads of information and well structured on a really fast server. Nice.
Jazzheads Records.[http://www.jazzheads.com]
An independent label for original improvised music.
Internal Bass Records.[http://www.internalbass.com]
Blue Note.[http://www.internalbass.com]
No explaination needed I guess?
ECM Records.[http://www.ecmrecords.com]
'In November 1994, ECM celebrates 25 years of independent music production. Given the rigorous quality control that is the label's hallmark and its scant regard for conventional notions of 'commerciality', this is no small achievement, especially considering that almost all ECM recordings have been produced by ECM founder Manfred Eicher. His experiences as a musician, playing both jazz and classical music, laid the groundwork for areas he would explore as a producer and company director.'
Jazz Inspiration.[http://www.jazzinspiration.com]
JAZZ INSPIRATION Records came into being in 1991, and grew out of the highly successful Jazz Inspiration Radio Network (until 1991, the most widely syndicated jazz show in Canada).
The Beastie Boys' own label.
Grand Central Records.[http://www.grandcentralrecords.co.uk/]
Rae & Christian, plus others. One of the UK's most respected labels, says Straight No Chaser. The label's influences are drawn from the previously ignored Manchester underground scene which spans back to the 70's jazz experimentation, the Northern Soul scene.
Now even with some radio feed. Zero7, Koop, Fila Brazilia, etc.
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