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Content updated June 23 2008.

This new section contains links to some on-line shopping places. The listing is intended to only contains relevant sites for the acid-jazzer. I'm less interested in listing general music stores.

Dusty Groove.[http://dustygroove.com/]
I like the simple no nonsense presentation and the personal comments. Every record has a small comment! This has to be the best aj-oriented store in the world. You just want to buy everything they have... The prices are reasonable too.
Just dance records. Nice selection from the UK. I shop here myself, because of the valuable reviews and hard to find albums. I find the The Top10 lists of albums to be a good start. Their taste in music can be trusted, and buying just based on the recommandations is no problem.
Soul Seduction.[http://www.soulseduction.com/]
Internet shopping out of Vienna. From 2008 and on, they will only sell digital music. Let's see what this means for this (at least until now) nice store.
Humpty Records.[http://www.humpty-records.de/]
Electronic music, most from Germany. Excellent selection, interesting labels with a nice presentation. You can get Mole records here.
Mr. Bongo.[http://www.mrbongo.com/]
A London store with some online information. They are great for finding hard-to-get albums and have an excellent collection of latin and drum'n'bass (or jungle). There's no way to hide that I personally like this store...
Juno Records, the world's largest online dance music store, with over 30,000 titles in stock. The site is updated daily to contain a complete listing of new UK dance releases and imports, along with sound clips and track listings.
Groove Distribution.[http://www.groovedis.com/]
Run by friends of our aj mailing list... This is a new dance music distributor based in Chicago, owned and managed by Dirk van den Heuvel, former dance music buyer and general manager at Cargo Records America. Only dance music here, but it works just fine for an aj fan. Some straight aj and more of drum'n'bass/trip hop.
Ubiquity Records.[http://www.ubiquityrecords.com/]
It's now possible to buy Ubiquity, Cubop and Luv n'haight albums - which covers quite a bit of our favourite genres IMHO - directly from the label. They promise excellent service (hey, I've got that in writing...), and plan to also sell rare vinyl in the future.
They have only a hand picked selection of jazz, funk, drum'n'bass, latin or hip/trip hop grooves and have the best labels available. A valuable source for those 99 records (Germany), Irma (Italy), Right Tempo (Italy) and Yellow Productions (France).
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