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Content updated June 26 2008.

Online radio shows, live or archived, is a pretty cool idea. The listing below is intended to point to relevant music for the acid-jazzer. I try to avoid listing general music shows, or too local stuff. Also, it has to be online, not just a regular radio broadcast.

Broke&Beat radio.[http://www.brokenbeatradio.com/]
This is a weekly broadcast show out of Philly, called Broke&Beat radio. Good feed. Done by aj listees Argo and '99'. One of the best online stations for sure.
Plenty of shows available, plus the live feed of course. Many really nice shows! Gilles Peterson's Worldwide is available here. It there only was a download possibility...
Radio Nova.[http://www.novaplanet.com/]
The french Radio Nova station, plus much more. Fresh sound and lots of 'ethno'. I'm quite convinced this is the best radio station available anyware! Simply the best - even if you sometimes really get tired of hearing french ads...
I especially like the new Compost (with Michael Rütten) show here. Brilliant. More big names: gilb'r of Versatile records has a show here. Most shows are good, not an easy thing at all. Quite consistent selection too.
Lime Sorbet.[http://www.citrona.net/sorbet.htm]
Citrona Recording's weekly selections.
No Turn Unstoned.[http://dj.polishedsolid.com/]
A weekly live radio show by DJ Polished Solid
Secret Agent.[http://www.somafm.com/]
The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too! Plenty of groove, in an old school way. Listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting from San Francisco.
Illvibe Collective Radio.[http://www.illvibe.net/]
Streaming shows from a DJ crew out of Philadelphia. Two shows, one more on the hiphop side, the other more of a nujazz mix. I'm new to these shows, but the eclectic show seems good so far.
department deluxe radio.[http://radio.department-deluxe.org/]
Listee Jan Siegmund plays a mix of jazz, more in the dancefloor jazz sense. Good selection. I sometimes get a (too) low bandwidth connection but it works most of the time.
Nieuw op deze site: Output Webradio. Hier kun je 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week een bijzondere mix van mooie muziek beluisteren. Iedere dag heeft zijn eigen thema en live-concerten. Ok, I don't understand Dutch either, but they have live feed 24-7, and so far I have heard only good music here. Every Monday they feature jazzy, funky soulful grooves and a live concert.
Urban Landscapes.[http://www.urbanlandscapes.org/]
Urban Landscapes is a weekly broadcast (by aj listee Velanche) showcasing only good music. Styles include soulful downtempo, deep house, nu-jazz, broken beats, future soul, Latin vibes, and funked-up tastiness. Good playlist and download section.
Royal Groove.[http://www.royalgroove.org]
Royal Groove started in 1997 as a regular radioshow at a local station in the Netherlands. With an unlimited enthusiasm, a couple of selfproduced breakbeats and a bunch a funk and soul records Gibbs and DeLuca made a weekly show. Nice feed and download possibility.
Featuring on rotation: Marc 4hero, Somatik, G-Moist, Hopper, Biz-E, Marshmello, DJ Rumble, DJ Rebel, Logik, Capital Town Kru, Dez P, Starside, DJ Virus plus many special guests! Good selection, good variation. Sadly (because the music can be really nice here) the DJs too often go mental on the jingle thing: some shows play more station jingles than actual music! Come on guys, leave that button alone! It's getting ridiculus.
Globalhouse Connection.[http://www.globalhouseconnection.com/]
Lars Behrenroth & Constantin Groll airs deephouse, jazz, soul, hip-hop in a weekly 2 hour show. Excellent download links to improve sound quality.
KXJZ acidjazz show.[http://www.capradio.org/programs/acidjazz/default.aspx]
KXJZ (Sacramento, California) from 10:00 PM till Midnight local time on Saturdays. Old school, New school...the soulful experience of Acid Jazz. Looks ok, by looking at the playlists.
Solar Radio.[http://www.solarradio.com/]
Started out as pirate station in London in the 70s... later on re-incarnated under many other names and with lots of people behiind the scene. Now they are back with true 'soul music radio', live on the net. Just brilliant!
Kiss 100.[http://www.kissonline.co.uk/]
A classic London station. I find the morning show especially entertaining.
Mix of the week.[http://mixoftheweek.com/]
One of the AJ list's (Pirkka Hartikainen) own weekly eclectic-to-the-max-show.
Listee Bob Davis site with information on black music. Their regular home is at www.soul-patrol.com. Lots of information and archived shows.
Two shows of main interest: Russ Dewbury's "Nu Jazz Spectrum", plus a show produced by Straight no Chaser magazine. There is a monthly fee for accessing the archives.
Beta Lounge.[http://www.betalounge.com/]
Lots of archived shows and more drum&bass, downtempo, and even house sometimes. Cool & tight mixing!
Broken beat, drum&bass, future jazz, latin & house.
Timeless Inspiration.[http://www.timelessinspiration.com/]
'Jazz & future jazz & drum'n'bass & house & techno & broken beat & hip hop & blah blah blaH...' With archives.
Higher Ground.[http://www.highergroundradio.com/]
Listee Jason Palma's weekly broadcast.
Kenbun, l'émission hip-hop, broken'beat et future jazz de Pablo Valentino.
Vanilla Mania.[http://www.vanillamania.com/]
Yet another eclectic mix. When they say 'eclectic' you can be sure to find an overdose of flash animations...
1Xtra's (at BBC,UK) weekly excursion into the best of the underground beats. Expect to hear Soul, Hip Hop, Broken Beat, Jazz, House and much more, all with a soulful twist, and all in the mix.
Tilos Radio (Radio Forbidden).[http://tilos.hu/]
They only have a Hungarian version, which can be quite strange... check out the many Keyser & Shuriken mixes, see the HANGTAR link. Excellent stuff!
Beyond Jazz.[http://www.beyondjazz.net/]
A weekly hour of broken beats, nujazz, soul, funk, hiphop. The link to the online broadcast is difficult to find. No archives.
!K7 Radio.[http://www.k7.com/]
Excellent mixes by K7 artists, like Kruder and Trüby.
Listee David Bassin's weekly show, from KUSF San Francisco (90.3 FM). Good selection.
Solid Steel.[http://www.ninjatune.net/solidsteel]
Coldcut's Solid Steel show, archived on the net! Plus more.
Live & archived DJ mixes. Recommended.
BCR started broadcasting as a pirate in 1988 to parts of South London U.K. on Friday nights. Now broadcasting on the web, with a selection of jazz, soul & funk. The streaming is currently at 24kbps in stereo.
They have an AJ show ('Acid Jazz by Moonlight') midnight sundays, and lots of other jazz shows.
In the mix.[http://www.wsound.com/]
Many interesting mixes by people like Dego, Rainer Trüby, King Britt, Jazzanova etc.
FreeFall.[http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi?autostart=davidbassin Cable]
A show from KUSF in San Francisco, specializing in broken beats, nu-jazz, world music and more.
dublab is a progressive internet station devoted to the growth of underground music and culture. There is an extensive audio archive of exclusive sets from top worldwide talent.
It's a funk and old-school hip-hop show broadcasting weekly from Montreal on www.ckut.ca and available 24/7 from www.wefunkradio.com. Deep funk, underground hip-hop, and rare groove.
24h broadcast, jazzy and funky style. I don't yet have much experience of this station, but I found the archived house mixes by Rick Preston well worth tuning in for.
The Womb.[http://www.thewomb.com/]
Amazing design on the shockwave stuff! Strong on the techno side. Extremely good feed and sound quality.
Groove Distribution.[http://www.groovedis.com/]
Radio shows and DJ mixes from a record distributor.
Couleur 3.[http://www.couleur3.ch/]
Lausanne, Switzerland.
Northwestern University has a radio station that web broadcasts. They have late night Techno and Jungle which starts around 11PM in Chicago...midwest standard time that is. The WNUR's Eclectic Webcast is pretty decent with some intense jungle beats mixed in.
Radio Tunisia - Tunis.[http://www.radiotunis.com/liveaudio.ram]
A nice (?) change of style. Refreshing at least...
Subtone is a club and music venue representing world-class DJs and bands, state-of-the-art sound, and a friendly, intimate atmosphere.
Planet Radio.[http://www.planetradio.de/]
In German only. From Frankfurt, Germany.
MP3-based live radio from Hessen, Germany. Slightly German touch on the programming: techno-infused disco and other similar styles. Brilliant at times!
Radio X.[http://www.radiox.de/]
Out of Frankfurt, Germany. Seems to be offline at times?
Dance and soul.[http://www.danceandsoul.com/]
Singapore style, lots of mixes in realaudio.
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